Jim Britt: Traits That Keep You Stuck In Failure

Traits That Keep You Stuck In Failure

Jim Britt - EntrepreneurJim Britt, QUANTA co-founder, discusses his 3 traits that keep us stuck in failure…Jim is a best-selling author and personal development guru and has counseled over 300 companies in their quest to improve results. Jim has also been named on of the top 20 success coaches of all time and mentored the great Tony Robbins his first 5 years of his career.

What’s so amazing about Jim’s story is he was born into poverty and was a 10th grade dropout who worked at a gas station for 60 hours per week (10hr/day for 6 days/wk) for $1/hour.

In Jim’s best-selling book, The Rings of Truth, he talks about his Feedback Loop. The Feedback Loop shows us that our decisions we make lead to certain actions, and the action you take lead to a certain result, and the result will lead to a feeling or way of thinking, and that feeling or thinking will lead back to a certain decision. A constant loop is created.

The Feedback Loop


Jim uses The Feedback Loop to diagnose where we need help, whether in our personal life, relationships or business. What behaviors are you using to produce the results you produce. Results can’t be managed, they have already happened. But the behaviors to produce those results can.

The Feeback Loop creates an addictive cycle that the more we have undesirable experiences that create unwanted feelings, the more we become addicted to that type of behavior and feeling. For example, if you grew up in poverty you may believe that is how its always going to be…or, if you grew up thinking all people were mean….and so on.

What You Believe

As Jim says, we will do almost anything to support what we BELIEVE in, even if its not what we want. We will go to extremes to support what we believe in. If we believe life is tough and money hard to come by, we will try to prove it to ourselves and the world around us.

As a 10th grade dropout due to English class and now author of 13 books, and a noted speaker whose spoken to over 1 million people today, whose biggest fear was speaking in public, Jim has successfully overcome his early childhood beliefs.

Traits that Keep you Stuck in Failure

1 – FEAR – people have fear….fear of failure…fear is not real, its a made up story of something painful that may happen in the future. Fear is taking some past experience and projecting it into the future, with the anticipation of it happening again. Your fear of what may happen can keep you from fulfilling your dreams and goals.

2 – THE NEED FOR ACCEPTANCE – we all want to be accepted to some degree. The need for acceptance, to fit in with the crowd so to speak, can keep you from achieving whatever it is you want in life. We care what others think…However, this can work to our disadvantage when we haven’t made a firm decision to get whatever it is we want. We let other peoples opinions affect our actions.

3 – THE NEED FOR CONTROL – we all have a need for control….this works hand-in-hand with the need for acceptance….everybody has different degrees they want to be in control and be accepted….the need for control is very dangerous if not managed properly….the need for control can cause very destructive behavior….

You say, Jim, that these 3 traits can keep us stuck in failure…Then you ask, how do we avoid these 3 traits, or move past them? Jim teaches THE POWER OF LETTING GO to rid yourself of these 3 traits, because to get where you want to go, first you have to get rid of the things that you don’t want, or the things that hold you back.

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Jim Britt’s teachings are more fully explored and practiced in his newly formed company, with co-founder Jim Lutes, in Quanta. As a member of Quanta, the techniques Jim uses practiced daily to help in our life, relationships, and business. Find out more by visiting my homepage at http://selfhelpishere.com


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